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BL Balloons film factory

BL Balloon Film Factory devotes to produce balloon membrane materails with solvent-free laminating. We have advanced facilities as four solven-free laminator made by Nordmeccanica in Italy,closed workshop with constant temperature and constant humidity,materials warehouse also with constant temperature and constant humidity.So we can supply laminated balloon film with high quality but low cost to the extensive balloon industry due to replace traditional dry type laminator by about 10 years of technology and experience on solvent-free laminator film.

We become the leading supplier in balloon film industry by the high quality and reputation.We supply balloon film to all of China and export to all of world such as Europe and America ,Middle East Area,India and Russia and so on.

We can supply all kinds of specification films in stock and many film categories such as BOPA metallized balloon film, BOPET metallized balloon film, metallized metal balloon film, color balloon film, white balloon film, transparent balloon film, laser balloon film and air nozzle membrane. Sincerely welcome to us for film samples via visiting and email.

The production workshop
The production workshop
Material warehouse
The PE production line
The packaging of goods
Cargo containers loading

Product Advantage


10 years of production experience

10 years specializing in the production of solvent-free composite membrane.


Advanced production equipment

Factory equipped with 4 Italy Nuoermei grams solvent free laminating machine.


High-quality & low-cost products

We provide high quality and low cost balloon films at home and abroad.

Video of compounding

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